I have a very good idea why it isn’t.

You see, for more than 14 years, I’ve been supporting Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Gurus, and “Leaders” of all kinds. I know their courses. I helped create them. I helped market them. I answered all the customer support questions about them.

Today, I’m going to spill all the beans about who these people really are, rather than who you think they are (and trust me, sometimes it’s WAY different).

I’m going to give you the inside scoop on how they really run their businesses.

I’ll give you all the shocking secrets worthy of the National Enquirer’s front page.

Just kidding. As much as I’d enjoy that in the moment, ultimately it would feel crappy and wouldn’t actually help anyone.

And helping people is the point of this post.

Actually, it’s the point of my whole existence, now that I think about it.

So what do I see over and over again when working in the “back office” of these businesses?

  1. They all sell courses and programs of some sort.
  2. They all fill the course and programs with hopeful and highly motivated clients.
  3. All of these hopeful and highly motivated clients jump in and go through all the material.
  4. And then 90% or more of these previously highly motivated and hopeful clients, crash.
  5. They become disillusioned and down on themselves because they failed.
  6. They signed up, read everything, and still couldn’t do the “thing” that they were hoping to learn how to do.

Why does this happen? Well there are a few reasons why actually.

  1. The course or program was incomplete or not good enough.
  2. The course of program flat out sucked.
  3. You needed something more – you need a tutor.

Just like so many kids need a tutor to help them understand and pass their math classes. Even though they sat in class and the teacher taught the lesson just fine, something didn’t click for some reason.

The reason for things not clicking is less important than getting the help to make them click. So, a tutor is hired, things start clicking and the student passes the class.

Your program gets created.

Your course is completed.

You get the darn thing done!

Now, pay attention because I’m talking to you. If you have taken courses, programs, master classes, bootcamps, workshops, etc. and you STILL haven’t been able to actually put any of it into action, it’s time to consider hiring a tutor to help you.

Like anything else in life, if you’ve exchanged time, money, energy or effort, you’d like to get something back, right? I mean, you did have a goal in mind when you signed up so don’t give up on yourself so easily.

Figure out how to actually use what you’ve purchased or signed up for. You may just be missing one little connection. Or you may have some big block in place that you aren’t even aware of.

A tutor can help tremendously!

I can help – there’s a very good chance that I can be your tutor and get you past the thing that’s in the way of you getting your “thing” done.

Let’s connect to talk about it!

Stop beating yourself up and instead get the support you need to finish.