.While I am not one to expect something for nothing, I am also not one to accept nothing for something.

When I pay for something, I have an expectation that the “something” will work as it is supposed to.

I’m seeing a rapid decline in performance and customer service lately and it’s just not ok. Companies simply have to do better.

Used to I’d just move on and find what I need elsewhere (there are ALWAYS options and I’m the queen when it comes to finding and knowing them). These days, I’ve decided to stop just riding off into the sunset.

I get asked about tools and companies every day so rather that keeping things offline, I’ve decided I’ll start reporting on them here. It’ll save me some live Q & A time AND perhaps it’ll give powers to be of the companies in question a view from the outside in. I’m sure they have plenty but they can add mine to the mix. Before starting my own business I was a customer service supervisor in corporate America (at Ford Motor Credit Company). And, we were well trained back in the day so I know a thing or two about these things.

Here are my three featured players of the day needing to shape up, in my opinion…

1. LeadPages (one I was heavily invested in)… C’mon man! You folks were the cream of the crop but then you curdled. Prices increased and performance decreased and customer service went the way of GoDaddy… they’re real nice and real sorry for the trouble their system causes but in the end the product is still sucking. Keep up or get left behind. I’ve been around long enough in this industry to know that there are 100 other competitors who can provide what I need. See ya.


2. Thrive Themes (membership based) – decided I’d commit here because the products are good and do what I need them to do (at least, they’re supposed to). While I do love the freedom and flexibility they offer, I found them getting to be a little sloppy and super glitchy. I started to find that every 5 min task to require 30 or more because it just wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do. I stopped my membership because I wasn’t getting an equal exchange of value to price. I can build from scratch but much preferred the ease their products promise. I know things change fast in the development world and I hope to see them catch back up. I do really like them but I need things to work — especially if I’m paying for them.

Their support? Well let’s say it’s hit or miss – when I was a member, it was on par with my expectation. When I was no longer a paying member, frankly it sucked. There was a glitch in one of their templates – first support dude says gee I’d like to help you but you’re not a paying member anymore, give us more money and I’ll help. Sorry bubba… it doesn’t work that way, so I replied that said glitches are why I’m no longer a paying member. And with that dismissive comment, I probably won’t ever be again. Prior to this, I’d envisioned giving them some time to get their act together and then going back because I do still believe in the company itself and I want to love them again.

But wait, there’s more to this story… I actually got a response back to that from another support agent who could see beyond the nose on his face and he steered me in the right direction. Time will tell if they are able to earn back my business.


3. Proof – I’ve wanted to like it… my clients like what they see it do. I see it’s potential. But, when 3 out 4 times when signing in, I see nothing but a blank screen, I’m on my way out the door. I’m still new on the scene and my limited contact with their support team has been good but as much as I appreciate that, I still expect the product to work.


Now let’s end this on a high note with a company that always exceeds my expectation…

Today, the Magical Unicorn Award goes to ClickMinded! Tommy Griffith has his customer support game near perfect. I’ve even had him tell me when something was wrong and he sent me the fix before I’d even noticed – woot! woot!

Every question and concern is promptly addressed and the products are top notch. In case you’re not familiar with them, this is from their website: ClickMinded is a digital marketing training platform that teaches you how to massively increase traffic & sales through digital marketing as quickly as possible.

This company clearly understands the value of their customers and the risk that unhappy ones bring and they do the right thing. They get 5 stars in my book AND they get my loyalty (and my referrals).