Before deciding what kind of help to get for your business, it helps to be really clear on what it is that you want.

Do you want a partner or do you want a subordinate? I encourage you to think long and hard about this and be real with yourself. Is it important for you to be the boss and have control over every detail of the show?

REALLY THINK: When you’re being honest with yourself, is being in control over every detail something you want and need in your business in order to be happy? This isn’t about judgement – there isn’t a right or wrong answer. Just tune in and see if you connect with that little something that says, “By golly, this business is mine and I want to feel like I’m king / queen. If I’m paying someone, I’m keeping all the control.” If you do feel like this, let me share a secret… you want to hire an Employee rather than partnering with a Virtual Assistant.

Here’s why…

Working with a Virtual Assistant is a partnership. It’s one where you are two equally weighted business owners coming together in a way that benefits both of you. A Virtual Assistant is not your subordinate. She or he is a competent business owner just like you and you are retaining his or her services to benefit you or your company. Although a Virtual Assistant works deeply in the day-to-day operations of your business, their contribution should be viewed much the same as that of a lawyer, accountant, auditor, etc.