Do you have a website?

If so, how well is it doing its job? Do you know?

Your website isn’t just a piece of web real estate, a place on the internet where you’ve claimed an address; it has a defined purpose.

Its purpose is to

  1. represent you favorably (and ideally, accurately)
  2. connect your potential clients to you
  3. help your potential clients learn how you can make their life better
  4. make it easy for your potential clients to say “Yes!” to you

So when you consider those items as your website’s job function, how is it doing?

Where can it use some improvement so it can do a better job?

Recently I’ve done several website audits and website consults, and it’s clear that somewhere along the way there has been a disconnect between having a website and knowing why you have it (i.e., the role it plays in your business).

Many people assume their website is like a business card so as long as their name and contact info is on it, everything thing else is just aesthetic.

And, people can get a little caught up in the aesthetics piece of things and end up “prettying up” their site at the expense of good function. It’s a common mistake.

Everything you place on your website should have a clearly defined purpose for being there. If you don’t know what that purpose is, it’s likely that it’s just clutter. Web clutter is bad.

Clutter = Confusion and A Confused Mind Says “No!”

Clutter on your website can be sending your potential clients off to your competitor’s more optimized site. Ouch!

A more optimized site is one that first and foremost can be found when someone is looking. It draws them in when they arrive and answers the questions they have about what you offer. Then, it helps them get to know you better, so they know if they want to take the next step with you.

If you’re not sure if your website is doing its job well, there’s nothing wrong with you… necessarily, anyway 😉

It’s quite common to struggle with knowing what to say, how much to say, what not to say, how other’s see or interpret what’s there, etc.

And, it’s especially difficult to know what is clear and what is confusing when it’s your own stuff, and YOU know what you’re talking about.

It’s always a good idea to have a trained eye take a look at how you are presenting yourself to the world to make sure people perceive you as you intend and that you’re presenting what you do in the best light possible.

Having someone (like me) perform a website audit for you is a wise investment if you aren’t sure how well your website is doing its job.

Remember, your website is NOT AN EXPENSE to your business! It is an asset that you invest in. Make sure that asset is paying you some dividends.