There’s a big misconception becoming more widespread among those being mentored by high level business coaches about how much bringing help into your business should cost. Here is what the concept is:

You should expect to spend X% of your income on your support team.

When you apply logical thinking to this concept, you can actually see how flawed it is. The help you need is the help you need regardless of what your income is. Yes, you absolutely can find people to help you at all price points but that doesn’t mean that they are all going to meet your needs.

Further, spending the money to add team to your business based on how much they cost rather than the value they bring makes you penny rich and dollar poor meaning you may be saving some pennies but in the long run it will cost you far more. It may even cost you your business.

Always be sure the advice you follow makes logical sense and never stop thinking for yourself in spite of how esteemed your advisor may be.

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