Things to make your business easier

These are some of my favorites. I only recommend things that I have used and believe in.

Below you’ll find a listing of some of my favorite resources for setting up and running your online business.

You will not need them all so don’t feel like you have to start signing up for stuff. You only need what you need and if you’re not sure, contact me and we’ll talk about it.

Email / database/autoresponder systems

All-in-one ecommerce/customer relationship management services

Merchant Account

TeleClasses / Conference Lines / Audio Recording

Best Tools for Recording on Skype

Audio Editing

Project Management / Collaboration / Productivity

Sending large files / Storage

Web Hosting

  • SiteGround (After being a long-time HostGator gal, I made the switch to SiteGround. It’s not that HostGator did anything wrong or failed to deliver or anything else. Rather, it’s that SiteGround made a big enough impression for me to try them out and then they exceeded my every expectation by a wild mile which earned them my business and my loyalty. Meanwhile HostGator blended into the landscape until they faded into the sunset.)

Video Storage / Streaming

Cloud Storage Options

Social Media Training

Tracking / Analytics

Stock Images

Image Editing

  • PicMonkey (full editing and a must have – Life wouldn’t be the same without it)
  • Stencil (great for creating sharables – Life wouldn’t be the same without it)
  • Canva (great for creating sharables)
  • Snappa (great for creating sharables)


Electronic Signing of Agreements

Virtual Assistant (VA) Resources

  • AssistU (This is the ONLY site I can recommend)

Password Management

Headphones, phones, mics, etc


Please note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If they are, you can be sure it’s something I use regularly in my business and it’s likely I will receive an affiliate commission should you decide to sign up for that resource.