Confused? Stuck? Overwhelmed?

Well alrighty then, you’re in the right place! We help you avoid wasting time and making costly mistakes in building and running your online business.

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No, You’re not crazy or Incompetent

Setting up your online business can feel a bit like taming a wild beast while blindfolded…

…AND there’s a ton of bad, outdated, or incomplete direction out there.

The courses, the coaches, the webinars, the ebooks… there’s just soooo much and no way to know what is worth your time or money.

They can all be overwhelming to think about and they become more so when you ask the Google gods. We help you clear the confusion.

So… What Brings You Here?

It likely had something to do with needing some help getting your great work out into the world.

Are you a course collector… taking every program that looks promising? Or, are you someone who has invested in learning from big name coaches and find that after doing everything they say, the advice fell short for you and you find yourself still stuck?

Guess what? It’s not you – you’re not daft or flawed and we can help.

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Content Strategy

My Specialties

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Business Consulting

Setting up systems

Building a website

Optimizing your website (Function, Copy, SEO… oh my!) 

Marketing plans

Launch Strategy

Creating Programs Or Memberships

Hiring A team to support you

Training For Your Team


No Cookie Cutters are used here.

As the founder of In Credible Hands, I can tell you our style may be slightly different than you’ve experienced before. I know this because over the last 19+ years, I’ve been blessed to work behind the scenes in many wildly successful businesses and for some rockstar leaders in the industry.

In addition to their offerings that I’m intimately familiar with, I’ve also contributed more than my fair share to internet fortunes via the courses I’ve purchased. (I may or may not be a founding member of Course Collectors Anonymous… just kidding… Course Collectors Anonymous doesn’t exist… but IF it did, I’m sure my picture would be displayed.)

All this to say that I know this online marketing world intimately and I use my knowledge to support business owners like you. 

Strategic Consulting

We’ll figure out where you are and what it takes to get where you want to be. There’s always more than one way to get there. We’ll find the best way for YOU. There are no HAVE TOs.

Website Optimization

Your website is often the first impression your potential client gets of you. And that’s assuming they can find it. Make sure your website is working right and SEO Optimized for best results.

Finding Your Team

You have reached the point in your business where you need a team to support you. Whether it’s one person or a few, learn what matters most and how to find the right fit.


Things we know and love (or at least like strongly enough to recommend). These are the things that helped us get so dang smart and efficient. Or, just things we know you will find useful

The Founder

Meet Debbie…

Deb Rebar | Digital Marketing ConsultantWith a 15-Year corporate career, 19+ years in this thriving online business, and more training and certification than even I can keep track of, you can enjoy the peace of mind from knowing that you’re in good hands. I know a thing or two about a thing or two (or a gazillion). I’ve seen and outlived every online, email, and online marketing trend and tactic. I’m not going anywhere and I know what stands the test of time. Read more about me & the business here…